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Maria Mikheeva
+7 909 686 0338
skype: cairnbri cairn@inbox.ru

1995. With Milisenta Tagir Fi-DeMy interest in dogs began in 1995, when I got my first Boxer, Milisenta Tagir Fi-De (Nika). Together with Nika, I started dog training - first we did Russian national obedience and bodyguard training, and a bit later joined an agility club. Owing to Nika, dogs became my hobby and Deutscher Boxers are my love since then.

When Nika got a bit older, I started looking for a smaller breed, to do mini agility as well. At the same time, I wanted to take part in shows. It wasn’t easy to choose, but there was a chance that helped me: a few Cairn Terriers joined our training club. When I got acquainted with them, I thought this would be a right dog for me and as a result Eestiless Whoopi Goldberg (Busia), an extremely naughty and self-assured Cairn, entered my home. Very soon she became a favourite among our friends and relatives, and my family realised that Cairns fit our lifestyle (or we fit theirs:)) very well.

In April 2003 I got my first Cairn litter, and in September of the same year my kennel name Sentvik was registered. My dogs and I take part in many shows, both in Russia and abroad, and this hobby has helped us to find many friends.

Our Results:

  3 International Champions   31 CACIB
  11 Russian Champions   7 Russian Junior Champions
  3 Ukrainian Champions   Ukrainian Junior Champion
  7 Belarussian Champions
  2 Baltic Champions
  4 Estonian Champions   2 Estonian Junior Champions

  2 Latvian Champions

  Latvian Junior Champion
  3 Lithuanian Champions
  Croatian Champion
  Polish Champion
  2 Club Champions
  Russian Terrier Club Champion  Russian Terrier Club Junior Champion
  Lithuanian Terrier Club Champion

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